Our Family

The Hartwig family is devastated to say the least. The support we have received from family, friends, and strangers during this time has helped us in ways you cannot even imagine. We are all in such sorrow and our hearts ache. This is a new pain to us all and we are learning how to walk through this together. Christ is our Anchor and we know we will be with Dawson again. It’s just so hard knowing we won’t have him with us right now. If you’re wondering how to pray for us please pray for unity, health, peace, guidance, and love over this whole situation. We know Christ has a plan and will redeem this sorrow for His glory in ways we may never understand.

Why Love Like Dawson

Dawson was a lover since day 1 in so many different ways. While he had tough skin, he had a HUGE heart and loved and cared for others in ways that many of us don’t know. Those of us that were close to Dawson got a glimpse of the love he had and it was inspiring. He put others above himself and was a man of immense integrity. He could almost sense when those around him were hurting and he would be there to show them love. There are so many lives that were changed because of his love including each of ours. His impact was enough to last a lifetime. He makes us want to live better and love better so we encourage you to intentionally Love Like Dawson in his absence.

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