Spreading Dawson’s Love in Cambodia

This little boy is Chai and he loves Spiderman! Dawson’s sister Noelle bought him this Spiderman backpack after having an instant connection with him while traveling with her team to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  LoveLikeDawson’s charity provided over $3,500 to support little Chai and several other children. This support will follow them through high school.  The Global Outreach Team visited and helped support the ministries of New Life Fellowship Church and the surrounding provinces.  This was Noelle’s 2nd trip to Cambodia where she has fallen in love with the people there.  Cambodia suffered massive devastation  from 1975-1978 when an entire generation was almost wiped out. This has been portrayed in the movie “The Killing Fields”, and now Angelina Jolie‘s new movie “First They Killed My Father” tells this horrific true story.  Noelle said, “When you go there, it’s devastating to see the impact this massacre still has on the people today.” Dawson would love knowing his charity is helping a nation that has suffered so much grief. #LoveLikeDawson