#LoveLikeDawson ~Dawson’s Life~

Dawson was in good spirits. He was about to start his next semester at RCC and had a sports marketing internship lined up for this summer. He loved his Job as a lifeguard at the Fontana Aquatics Center where he also coached young kids to play water polo. He was a constant joy to those he was around. For those that wonder, Dawson was in a good place when he went up the mountain and would never consider hurting himself. He had a firm foundation in Christ and was at Water of life with the family every Sunday. He was also considering an overseas missions trip with Water of Life this summer. His friends and him were constantly encouraging each other to grow in their walk with God. Many of you might not know about Dawson’s passion for art and music. He was such a deep feeler and expressed himself through the music he would write and play. He could be often found listening to something he found on soundcloud or strumming something new on his guitar.